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JIGSAW SOLUTIONS INC., prides itself on "fast and reliable service, quality product, lower prices and more". Now We have found the perfect partner in BRINK INK. With companies overcharging for VIALS to provide TONER CARTRIDGES for FREE we understood that "NOTHING IS EVER FREE". After research with our current Pharmacy Customers we found that they are being grossly OVER CHARGED for VIALS. Our choice to partner with BRINK INK was an easy decision. Pharmacies have saved in upwards of $1500.00 on their first order of VIALS with JIGSAW and TONERS with BRINK INC. Considering they only use 2 or 3 toners per one order of VIALS you can see they saved over $1000.00!! WOW!! NOW THAT MAKES GOOD BUSINESS SENSE.
Please take time to reach out to our friends and partners at BRIBK INK and you will see the savings.
Click the link below to go directly to the BRINK INK website and tell Roman that Jigsaw sent you.
More info on BRINK INK:
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